The question for me is this: how do I live with historical fact, the nightmare I have been born into? A product of Wilsonian idealism and the Monroe Doctrine. A witness, too slow, to the ultra-nationalist crimes of successive American presidents, particularly the incumbent. Why have I, so far, been spared? Because I have never been a part of a truly progressive social movement that strives for a just society free from corporate control - something that for the last seventy years the US 'government' has done a very good job of quashing. Historical fact will fuck you up. The US government has supported every motherfucking motherfucker in the world, always right up to the point that they were to be exposed to the West as cunts. Hussein. Gaddafi. And that Rumanian cunt whose name I can never spell. The litany of foul duplicity is real, and fuck me if the realization that democracy has never existed won't fuck you.

Fuck America. Usually I would qualify that by saying, "the government of America". No longer. Fuck the people of America. You fucking fat, ignorant slothful cunts. Fucking do something now or leave the fucking country and stop coming on with lame excuses as to why your still fucking there. Can't you see what's happening? Read some history books you fucking CUNTS.